When, if not now?

Heidi Tay, Cakerholic
Retail Studio Tenant at MOX


On a regular basis, Cakerholic’s nicely furnished open-concept kitchen and the pleasant aroma of freshly baked goodness would draw the attention of the public and many workshop goers. At a zestful age of 24, Heidi, embarked on her entrepreneur journey and founded Cakerholic. Through Cakerholic, she amalgamates her accidental hobby for baking and passion for design to develop her unique creations! (amazing ain’t it?)

Being at the right stage of life where she could YOLO (You Only Live Once), Heidi took a leap of faith on a path to “adult” up. She learnt and gained entrepreneurial and life experiences – as Heidi exclaims, “If not now, then when?”

While she has faced both ups and downs in her journey, Heidi remains resilient yet positive about the challenges she faces.

In her one-man-show business, she has actively learnt about the various trades and be quick to spot potential collaboration opportunities that arise. In this competitive industry where a lot of focus has been placed on the skilful bakes and designers themselves, she makes the effort to keep up with the current trends and ideas to stand out in the burgeoning scene of artisans. Thus, being a part of MOX has given her the opportunity to experience a community who shares similar joy and struggles; a group of people who could support and advise one other.

As Heidi perceives everyone’s entrepreneurial journey as a unique one of their own; she dreams of Cakerholic to be more than a cake shop by providing one-of-kind services such as workshops as part of the various celebratory occasions including Hens’ Party and more.

Visit Heidi’s studio today at MOX and be a cakerholic!

451 Joo Chiat Road,
Katong Point Singapore 427664
Level 1


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