A Leap Of Faith into Fitness

Nawal Haddad, Nawal Haddad Fitness and GLOWco 
Flexible Desk Member at MOX



Once a cancer stem cell researcher, Nawal decided to rekindle with her sporty self as she ventures into the area of fitness as a fitness instructor. She gradually realised that there is a demand for more all-women fitness environment; this led her to establish NHF (Nawal Haddad Fitness). Besides running fitness classes such as Zumba, piloxing and yoga for women, she also offer corporate services to companies, schools and organisations.

Her leap of faith from being a researcher to a business woman has required her to do a lot of self-learning. She took up part-time courses, classes and workshop to build up on her knowledge, and more importantly to improve her business strategies.

Recently, she is busy with another business, called GLOWco, where she inspires to create more hijabi-friendly fitness apparels. In the meantime, she is also exploring the merits of digital marketing in order to assess the applicability for both her businesses.

Nawal first discovered MOX a year ago, while searching for a suitable venue to conduct her fitness classes. As she toured around MOX, she realised that the facilities offered here are just what she needed, especially the meeting rooms and the photography studio. Not only has these facilities aided her day-to-day tasks and work processes, she is proud to be part of this homely community, where MOX is open to the various disciplines, supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship and encouraging creative collaboration.

NHF has been running for 4 years and a certain level of stability has been achieved. At the moment, she is actively working on developing her apparel business and she hopes that this retail line has the ability to grow beyond borders. Amidst the hard work, Nawal also said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Looking back, she hopes that she could have been braver in many of her choices by eliminating any fear and self-doubts that she had. Her journey has not been entirely easy but she is thankful for her husband who inspires, supports and likes what she does as well. In fact, during our interview with her, she shared that a great opportunity has come knocking. We wish Nawal, best of luck! 🙂


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