Join MOX and our community
as we turn one this month!

27 October 2018 • 12pm - 6pm
451 Joo Chiat Road, Katong Point

We are committing the day to celebrate the spirit of creative entrepreneurship.
Come join us for a half a day of freebies, exhibitions, crafting, showcases and mingling! It’ll be a blast :)

Talks at BRAVE

How can a creative brand or entrepreneur be more relevant to the market? Pre-register now to find out.

Integrated Design: The most important habit in creating experiences nobody taught you

Arthur Chin, Foreign Policy

27 Oct 2018, 1PM

Integrated Design is about building experiences by taking a holistic and considered approach that drives an intention. Making this a habit from a ground-up approach will drive a more consistent narrative.

Crowd-Funding Hacks - How Potato Pirates Became The Most Funded Game on Kickstarter from Singapore

Aditya Batura, Codomo

27 Oct 2018, 2PM

Kickstarter is the go-to place for any budding creator, designer or inventor. The community is 15 million strong and still growing. Kickstarter has brought more than 150,000 projects to life, yet a staggering two-third of projects that are started on Kickstarter do not succeed in their funding attempts. In this talk, Aditya discusses his tips and tricks which allowed his project, Potato Pirates - a tabletop card game, to raise over a quarter million dollars on Kickstarter.

3 Steps to Make Bank With Your Creative Talents Immediately

Krystal Choo & Tim, Tickle

27 Oct 2018, 3PM

Jump into this exploratory workshop, where we will take you through the 3 steps of earning a living with your creative talents. You’ll learn how to turn your talent into an experience others can be a part of, make it irresistible by making it original and social, and tricks to write about yourself so you inspire confidence, excitement and emotional connection. You’ll end up with an incredible experience that you can repeatedly host, and on your way to earning a living of up to $3900 a month (hosting for 16 hours in total).

The Ang Ku Kueh Cushion: From Design to Market

Jonathan Hee, Meykrs & Red Republic

27 Oct 2018, 4PM

The MEYKRS Ang Ku Kueh cushion has been one of the most recognisable items in stores such as NAIISE and MEGAFASH. Even with almost 25,000 pieces sold and now retailing in multiple cities, it has a humble beginning. Come hear from Jonathan, the founder behind MEYKRS and RED REPUBLIC, and his story behind this product. How did he materialise the concept? What are the pains behind producing a physical product? How did it find popularity in the market? How does one go beyond the first winning idea?

Pre-Registered Crafting Workshops

Handcraft something of your own with MOX's workshop hosts. All workshops are priced not more than $15 per pax.

Chinese Frog Button (Free)

Get a little traditional and learn how to make chinese frog button from @studio.hhfz! These intricate little buttons are actually easier to make than you'd imagine.😉 Give it a go for yourself and pre-register now at:http://themox.co/brave/studio-hhfz

Weaving Workshop

Have you ever tried weaving on a loom? Join @craftateliersg at our first birthday bash and learn how the basic of fabric weaving! Register now at: http://themox.co/brave/craft-atelier

Silkscreen Printing on Pouches

Everyone needs a good sturdy pouch, and what better than a silk screen pouch that you can customise on your own! Get busy with @coconeese and learn how to silk screen your own pouch at our birthday bash! Join us now by registering at: http://themox.co/brave/cocoonese

Walk-In Workshops

These workshops need no pre-booking, but are just as fun! All workshops are priced not more than $15 per pax.

Knit Necklace by It Takes Balls
12pm-6pm, $10/Pax

Knit Bracelet by It Takes Balls

S. Precious Drop Earrings by Loo.mos
12pm-6pm, $10/Pax

Leather Coin Pouch by Maketh Project
12pm-6pm, $15/Pax

Cards & Bookmark Making by Craft Atelier

Miniature Bookbinding Keychain/Necklace by Doraecyscraps
12pm-6pm, $5/Pax

Mini Dish Stamping by The Rain in Spain
12pm-6pm, $5/Pax

Upcycled Wooden Necklace by Run After x Studio Yumumu
12pm-6pm, $10/Pax

Flower Pot Cake by Cakerholic
1pm-6pm, $4/Pax

Medallion Doodling by Tinkermind

Marbled Keyfob by Maketh Project
12pm-6pm, $10/Pax

Paracord Keychain by It Takes Balls

What's Happening at BRAVE

From 12-6PM: learn, craft, experience and mingle!

Join (A) KULT

Our good friends at Kult will take over MOX’s art gallery and show us their take on urban art. The art and technological world is their playground as they mix the two; creating uniquely memorable experiences that can only be described as kult.


Hear from Arthur Chin (Foreign Policy), Aditya Batura (Codomo), Krystal Choo & Tim (Tickle) and Jonathan Hee (MEYKRS/Red Republic) as they share their creative journey and work us through turning creative talents into sustainable businesses.

Bold Strokes, Candid Styles

Vote your favourite designs onto a FRANK card in the BOLD STROKES, CANDID STYLES contest. Winners to be announced that evening!

The Tea Story

Experience the ultimate luxury, in 6 excotic flavours, with the finest selections of hand-picked tea leaves.

Chug Some Somersby

Fresh and crisp, Somersby’s ciders are the prefect icebreaker.

Bite Into Benns'

A bean-to-bar brand featuring top quality chocolate products using single-estate Asian cacao.

Craft Something

Try your hands at different hand-crafting workshops by our community of workshop hosts.

Sway to Spins

Featuring DJs from CHOICE CUTS. They serve great coffee too (one for one deal until 3pm!).

Find Great Angles

MOX's community of brilliant photographers will showcase their works at EDISON, our photography studio.

Meet The Creatives

Say hi to the bold entrepreneurs of MOX in their open studios and showcases. Be inspired, or perhaps find collaboration ops.

Appreciate Local Films

MOX's community of film people and Singapore Film Society will convert two rooms into mini-theatres, featuring short films by local film-makers and producers.

Start that Start-Up

Various platform services for creatives will turn up for the day. Want to start a creative business? These folks will help you get started.




We’ll love to host you at Joo Chiat. Enjoy a free day pass at the end of the tour.